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There is a vast importance of Bengali language and literature in our daily life. It is spoken by a large number of people in India, mostly in West Bengal. It has a rich cultural heritage. A number of students gave their lives for the sake of Bengali language on 21st February 1952. In memory of this incident, that day is celebrated as ‘International Mother Language Day’. There is a vast collection of stories, short stories novels, poetry and so on in Bengali literature. In many books, you will find beautifully written babies nursery rhymes in Bengali. Our next-generation should proudly speak Bengali. Once they start reading stories and poems in Bengali, they will enjoy the sweetness of the language.

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You can give your children small books of Bengali rhymes, which would be easy for them to understand. Nowadays, the method of teaching has become more of audio-visual oriented. The same is true for language education also. In order to ensure that babies from 1 – 7 years can learn Bengali in a joyful manner, Moople TV has developed some beautifully animated videos of Bengali rhymes for babies. These videos feature characters that are funny and your children will get entertained by the visual appeal of these characters. These videos will also educate them besides entertaining them. They will learn a lot of things in a fun-filled way through these videos of Bangla Chora (Bengali rhymes). The videos will instil the ethics and morals of life in the minds of your children.

We update videos at regular intervals. Therefore, your child will never get bored by watching the same videos again and again. This is our little effort to increase the love for the Bengali language in the hearts of our next generation. We are hopeful that the love for our mother tongue will pass from one generation to another if we sincerely try with our heart and soul.

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