Hindi Rhymes

Have you decided to teach your kid Hindi? Have you ever tried Hindi rhymes for kids while playing with your little ones?

Do you remember your childhood days of reading nursery rhymes? Wasn’t it fun? When you were a child they were quite ‘in vogue’. Over time, they seem to have lost their popularity even though Hindi rhymes for kids are excellent to have fun with your child.

Are you looking for the best way which can boost up your child’s brain in a positive and enhancing way?  Nursery rhymes in Hindi offer oral support to children and they also boost up their hearing awareness. Make Hindi rhymes a part of your child’s pre-literacy skills. What can be better for a child than learning the mother tongue which has a huge impact on building up a child’s cognitive development?

What are the Benefits of Teaching Your Child Nursery Rhymes in Hindi?

Helps to Develop Phonemic Awareness:

First of all, Hindi nursery rhymes teach children to pronounce Hindi words quickly. Lots of nursery rhymes are full of funny words and interjections, which have the role of improving a child’s speech. Above everything, nursery rhymes teach the children the correct pronunciation and intonation.

Building Articulation and Memory:

Hindi rhymes for kids are filled with rhyming words that are unique in terms of the regular words we use in our everyday communication. Childhood is the high time to introduce your kids to these patterns of words. Nursery rhymes help your child’s brain to mark the difference between multiple syllables and identify the similarity between rhyming words.

Helps to Understand The Concept:

When you are playing with Hindi rhymes for kids, you are also making a way to contribute to their creative development. Along with helping their Hindi vocabulary, you are also helping them to learn abstract concepts like small, big, back, front, first and last.

Different words used in nursery rhymes help the children to develop language comprehension by associating words with objects, people, and events in their daily life.

Now that, you have decided to teach your kid Hindi, let’s see the evergreen Hindi rhymes for kids we have. A few examples are lakdi ka kathi rhymes, bachcho ki rail gadi, and gaiya meri. These rhymes are good enough to tickle the interest level and curiosity of your child.

Teaching children some new things is always a fun, as long as you are able to think and do at their level. Hindi is quite a rich language with a soothing diction and tone. You can easily help your child to understand and learn the Hindi language by reciting a few popular Hindi rhymes for kids as and when you play with them.

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