If it is accessible you should always choose cartoons in your regional language and possibly resembling your cultural background. At least one parent or an elder sibling or family member should be present along with child or at least be in the audible vicinity so that they can keep track of the general content of the program and explain to the children what is happening in the cartoon if necessary. Children to be transported over to the fantasy worlds of the cartoons they watch and imbibe the behavior and figures of speech enacted by their favorite animated characters. Over time children not just try to decipher what their cartoon heroes are saying, but they are also majorly influenced by the foreign aspects as shown in the animated shows.

Most of the good cartoon feature films or series cover certain values:

  • A lesson in what is good and what is bad.
    • An interesting story with a colorful world.
    • Some thrilling suspense
    • Most definitely a joyous ending
    • An educational or moral message.


The newer cartons have great animations that literally amaze the viewers and take us into the magical world of fairy tales.

Attention: the order of cartoons is based exclusively on the year of their publication.