About Moople Tv

We came up with the idea of creating a channel dedicated to Children which will also titillate their young and beautiful minds. Moople – A Broadcasting House is based entirely in Kolkata.

Moople was founded by Mr. Subrata Roy who has been a renowned name in the world of Indian Animation. It is an adobe of the most creative individuals who are trained in our line of premiere Moople training institutes in liaison with Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy Pvt. Ltd. (Hi-Tech Animation) who are masters in the field of Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Graphics & Web Design.

Why Moople?

We work for the most moody people in the world. They are the KIDS. So we always try to make our content according to their various moods. It sounds little bit difficult but, at the same time it gives us immense pleasure to get the scope of creating different contents with different moods. As we’re always driven by these super kids, we consider these Moody People as our actual Super Heroes. The name MOOPLE comes from the phrase Moody People. It’s our feeling of profound love and gratitude towards these super kids.

We provide a launch pad for aspiring artists and creative minds who are also often as moody as the ones who they cater to!!! Creative individuals and artistic geniuses are also perceived as moody people.

Our clan of geniuses works relentlessly and will continue doing so to ensure that your bundle of joy at home never has to stop learning through cartoons and animations.

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Our Vision

For decades our children are watching animated programs which are mainly produced in English and have cultural references associated with the Western world. It’s time that they get a treat to animated features in their own mother language and resembling their own cultural traits. This will not only make the child’s learning a little easier, it will also the help the parents in imparting valuable elementary lessons without having to go through the hassle of trying to drag their kids off from the television!! Our vision is to popularize Bangla and Hindi cartoons and to create au courant and original features in Bengali and Hindi so that it can be comprehensible for urban and rural children at large. This is a brand new dawn for entertainment in our own national domain. We hope for an overwhelming response from all our viewers and we pledge to ensure that we will bring about a change in your lives and the lives of your children who are the future building blocks of the nation. In our endeavor, we also are looking forward to bring our beloved languages to the forefront of the diverse world of animation and children’s entertainment segment. For all the little ones… let us LAUGH!! PLAY!!! LEARN!!!

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to impart world class education through animation and deliver the best educational cartoons to be ever produced in India in our regional languages. In our introductory phase we will be primarily coming forward in Bengali and Hindi.

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